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Why Dedicated Hosting?
By Olga Rose

If you're reading this article, you might be interested in getting a dedicated server, or simply learning more about dedicated hosting services. First of all, please note, that a dedicated server is rather expensive service, and you shouldn't waste your money if you don't plan to use it in full measure.

But if you really have a serious website, and want to run a successful business - you cannot do it without a dedicated server. Of course it's just mere words, so let's enumerate the facts!

Dedicated Hosting Facts

  • Freedom and security Dedicated server will give youfreedom. You will not need to share it with other websites.
  • It will also give you additional 3rd party security for your site and emails.
  • A dedicated server will allow you deep access to your server to configure and optimize your server anyway you need.
  • You're able to choose the software to install.
  • Power and functionality With a dedicated server you get on average 50-100 Gb of hard drive, plus about 1,000 Gb of data transfer.
  • You may customize the configuration and choose any CPU, RAM, or whatever you need.
  • A dedicated server reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these.
  • Respectability You simply can not run a popular website on a shared hosting. It's not serious.

Summary Why Dedicated Hosting?

If your website turned into a popular and reliable resource; if you have tons of daily visitors; if you work B2B; if you need additional security and functionality, power and freedom - go ahead and buy a dedicated server. Don't be sorry about the money you spent! Think aboutyour future.

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