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by Brian Thorn

One of the best ways to find a good web host package is to listen to what others say about companies that provide web hosting. Whether you're a business owner or an individual, you are likely looking for reliable web hosting at a competitive price. Finding the company that can best meet those needs can be a real challenge. But once you've found a company that does provide the service you expect with a price you can afford, you'll realize that the time you spent doing research in an effort to find a good web host package was time well spent.

Obviously, online sources for web hosting are one of the most convenient ways to search for the service you want. Any search engine will offer plenty of results on how to find a good web host package. If you don't consider yourself to be computer savvy, you might also want to talk to friends and colleagues who have experience with web hosting and web hosting packages.

For a good list of reviews of web hosting service providers, you might start with a site such as the Web Hosting Inspector site ( www.webhostinginspector.com ). By following the links to their reviews, you'll find a list of web host service providers. The reviews on this website are broken into sections with ratings given for each. Even if this site doesn't include a review of the company you are considering as a web host, you might try using their categories to create a rating system of your own. Comparing bandwidth, web page space, reliability, customer service and speed, along with any factors you personally consider to be important, will help you find a good web host package.

Remember that you are a potential client and any web hosting company should view your questions as important. Whether you know a lot about web hosting or you're a novice with little idea of how the process works, a company should be able and willing to answer your questions promptly. If the company isn't able to quickly communicate answers to questions, you should question their ability and willingness to provide reliable customer support once the company has your business. As you consider how to find a good web host package, remember your first impressions.

As you work through the process of finding a good web host package, you should also keep a log of your search. While it will probably be easy at first to remember that you've already looked at Company A and discarded them because their customer service seemed weak, or that Company B didn't offer free set up as part of their web hosting package, it probably won't take long for the names and your impressions to begin to run together. Keeping track of which company you were and were not excited about following up on should be an exercise requiring paper and pencil (at the very least). Tangible numbers are a good indication of which companies will and will not likely be good web host providers, but remember to include your first impressions of the company as well. Was their website easy to navigate? Did they answer questions? Do they provide other services that you might need in the future? All are good questions to ask as you consider how to find a good web host package.

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