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By Jeff Anderson

We generally do not endorese free hosting services. You don't want the site to be covered with those annoying banner and pop-up ads that the free services burden your site with. You want something which gives you everything you need for a low fixed cost and offers an efficient control panel. Unfortunately, a lot of people with web sites are not satisfied with their current hosting service, and re often seeking replacement hosts. It is conceivable that at any given time 20 million or more people are looking for a new web hosting service.

In the future, we will have articles on our website that provide reviews and recommendations of hosting services. Hosting Service must be reliable. One of the biggest problems with web hosts are outages and downtimes in their service. Questions you need to ask: What kind of uptime guarantee do they provide you with? How long have they been in business? Other questions to ask on choosing a host include - What level of support does the company offer you? When you need help, you may have to wait days to get service. ECommerce web hosting Do you plan to sell online? If so, does the web host have shopping carts available? Are they included for free or are they extra? Get the names of the eCommerce shopping carts they provide, and research their capabilities to be able to determine which one is best for you.

Be sure to ask the hosting provider for a list of websites that are hosted on their servers. Enter a few of them into your browser and pay attention to how fast they come up. How much bandwidth does the web hosting service provide you with every month? If you expect to need more, make sure you can live with the extra charges the hosting provider will levy. If you website traffic explodes, you may be on the hook for large bandwidth overage charges.

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