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New Plesk 7 Webserver Implementation
By Argon Hosting

Allows Quick Deployment and Simplified Management
of a Linux Based Server.

Apopka, FL June 4, 2004 -- Argon Hosting is proud to announce the implementation of Plesk 7 - the latest installment of the award winning Webserver software formally known as Plesk Server Administrator (PSA). Plesk 7 is the Professional Virtual or Physical Webserver management software specifically designed with the assistance of hundreds of professional Hosting Service Providers (HSP) to allow quick deployment and simplified management of Linux based domain management.

The early reviews are in and Plesk 7 is generating more excitement than any version previously released. Years of production use under fire earned Plesk its reputation for being a rock solid, productive control panel. This tradition continues with the release of Plesk 7. See what customers have to say about the Plesk 7.

"The release of Plesk 7 has given our company the ability to take even more control over our web site and manage many of the tasks that we once paid someone to do..."

James Mussatti
American Coaching and Training

Plesk 7 is the latest release in the award-winning family of Plesk Server Administrator products. It is powered by the most comprehensive set of features available to hosting professionals and end-users today. Plesk 7 can help you leverage the everyday tasks of your hosting business or web site management by providing a list of great benefits:

Web Hosting Has Never Been Easier
Plesk 7 sports a completely new XP like look and feel. Designed by an ergonomic specialist the interface is easier to learn, faster to use and manages more features than ever before. Your Users will manage Linux hosting operations and applications in a familiar environment in less time. Plesk 7 makes the complex simple allowing even the novice end users to feel at home in a familiar setting.

Cut the Volume of Your Support Calls and Reduce Maintenance Costs
The extensive feature set of Plesk 7 will allow you to fully automate all aspects of your hosting business or web site management with quick and worry-free product installations, rich auto-provisioning functions and many other enhancements. The new redesigned interface paired with robust functionality facilitates self-administration and dramatically diminishes support calls. The software's rock-steady stability and security help you to provide the highest degree of availability for your clients.

Resellers - Make the Control Panel Your Own
Harness your creativity and build your own version of Plesk 7 with customizable installation options, interface look and feel, branding and language options. Augment the software with your choice from a wide variety of third party applications to create a solution that tightly fits the demands of your business.

Rely on Industry Standard in Shared Hosting Security
Plesk 7 uses the industry-standard security model adopted for UNIX servers. This model has been tested on hundreds of thousands of UNIX servers worldwide and proved its highest level of reliability.

Eliminate SPAM with Plesk 7
Plesk 7 is built with robust SPAM protection in mind. SWsoft recognizes the growing impact of the unsolicited mail problem. That is why Plesk 7 is equipped with SpamAssassin Anti-SPAM software and additional advanced filtering mechanisms that cut out the heavy traffic burden of SPAM and save you valuable time to deal with your core business tasks.

Applications to Manage a Full-Scale Hosting Business
Plesk 7 plugs in power and gives the hosting professional the tools to succeed with an all new completely customizable "Application Pack" managing dozens of integrated applications including Ecommerce, Chat, Bulletin Board, and Site Builder software.

Plesk 7 for Linux - Power of Performance in a Fraction of the Code
With the release of Plesk 7, SWsoft has introduced over 60 new features since the acquisition of Plesk, Inc. in June. Add Applications to your own personalized interface while you track support issues and manage user sessions. Robust, tight and dependable Plesk 7 gives you more bang for the buck more efficiently than any hosting control panel available.

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